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Get ready for the introductory talk by Jürgen Handke @ ICM Conference Marburg!

by - 2. Februar 2012

Fotograf: Jonas Felloussi, e-learning center, TU Darmstadt

In traditional teaching, content delivery and content acquisition are realized in class where several dozens of students have to gather at the same time to be entertained by their teacher. In a second phase, they practise on their own: on the basis of additional exercise material, homework tasks, etc. The „Inverted Classroom Model“ (ICM) reverses these activities: Content acquisition is now self-guided, takes place first and is done online. The additional in class phase is dedicated to practising, rehearsing, discussion, analysis, etc.

In his introductory talk, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke will introduce the foundations of the ICM and will discuss the prerequisites for a successful integration of it into the curriculum.

The presentation uses the concept of the ICM itself!

All participants of the ICM conference are kindly invited (not firmly required!) to go through the online content prior to Handke’s presentation. You can find the presentation on the E-Education platform „The Virtual Linguistics Campus“: –> Research Center  –> Conference Talks and Presentations (the first presentation listed, available in German and English). You can alternatively use this direct link to the English version.

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